Morgan M

Artist Statement

Man Made, God Made and the Balance Between

When I look at a powerful machine, like the Pontiac Firebird, I picture how fast it goes; how much power it has under the rust colored hood. Without people, this beautiful machine would just be a collection of different metals and elements scattered across the planet.

When I look at a living creature, such as the wild horse, I don’t think about how fast it goes or how much power its large muscles exert. I picture how it came to be this amazing creature some people fear, and others adore.

I like to think about how people got to where they are; how their journey led them to be where they are now. Whether you own a truck, a smart car, or your grandmother’s LeBaron, all the power it has originally came from the people who put the work into designing it, building it, and eventually selling it to you.

It takes a lot to get through life, yet people and human connection is what gives us strength and power to be able to continue on. When you’re sitting behind the wheel of something powerful it is almost impossible not to feel powerful yourself, the difference is that’s not where humanity’s power comes from. I believe that humanity’s power comes from the individuals who make up the human race.