Kathie T

Artist Statement

Creation is the opposite of self-destruction.

My passion for paper began in college when I was introduced to handmade papers. They intrigue me with their colors, textures, fibers, surfaces, and their diverse countries of origin captured my imagination. Abstract collage allows me to experiment with color, movement, flow, shapes composition, explore my feelings and impressions, and play with paper. I have created a series of pieces that focus on a variety 
of themes, realizations and aspects of recovery.

Nature has always given me the ability to step out of myself and see 
a larger world. Black-and-white landscape photography enables me 
to focus on the infinite and eternal, beyond the chaos of human choice and interaction. I can freeze one remarkable moment, reflect on it and see the eternity within it, the majesty of the elements, and the balance and stability of the landscape.

While seeking sustainable help for our daughter and our family, 
I journeyed through feelings that were beyond my control. Through my art, I have discovered a sense of control and ease. Large-scale collages attracted me because they reflected the magnitude of my experiences in my mind. I could crawl into it, visually explore and crawl out. With photography I could stand back, observe nature and feel awe. Both creative approaches gave me a new perspective and 
a sense of hope. I want to share this creative power with our sober community, to celebrate our creativity and kindle hope for others 
who are still struggling to find their way.