Cenna M

Artist Statement

Today I am bold.

There are no rules. No boundaries. No expectations, nothing to hold me back. If there was a rule it would be to break all the rules. It is just me, myself, and I with pencil and paper. I let my imagination take over and draw what I desire. Whether it’s a feeling, a problem, a memory, or just something that I like – I draw. It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as I feel relief. Art for me is meditation. My brain feels sedated when I am finished. There is no one to impress when I make art, there is also no particular message I have to convey. There is no right or wrong when admiring art, for even feelings that are naïve and clueless are okay. Sometimes, being exposed to art is good enough. 

Some of my pieces represent a huge part of myself, my identity. In my self-portrait I made myself black and white with pencils and chalk. I painted the things I valued in myself with color. Like the Japanese hair piece and kimono. My culture is a big part of who I am. I want to show it off. 

For so long when I was using I didn’t think I could create good work. I was ruining everything I had in my life and thought so little of myself. I had no clarity of what was real and wasn’t real. However, I don’t regret anything either because the pain I felt and overcame made me bold and created hope for me.